Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 729

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 729 Soda Saga without boosters by Cookie
You can unlock the top stripe in the middle column and use it to unlock the rest of the special candies down the middle and hopefully they won't all explode at once. It doesn't really matter if they do, but it's better if you can switch a stripe and wrap together to clear some of the cupcake blockers at the sides.
After that you will need to make as many specials and combos as you can. Anything that will get out into the sides and bottom, as this is where the hard bits are to clear.
The bottom corners will be the last to clear, so if you can get stripes or stripe/wrap combos down to the bottom and hit those areas you will have a better chance of clearing those blockers.
A colour bomb switched with any other special candy is always good, especially a wrapped candy as this will clear the most frosting.
Work as close to the bottom of the board as you can to take advantage of any cascades and check the whole board before every move.
Video below.
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.julie inman said...

There are only 35 moves now and I can't find one help video that starts with 35 moves. All the existing videos have 40. Can you do it with 35?

Teresa said...

this is impossible not enough moves at all!!!

Teresa said...

I think it's time to quit!!! This one is making me crazy mad!!! No one plays this cause most of them are not that much fun...just frustrating!!!

Teresa said...

PLUS!!!! It cheats...says I don't have a move and I do!!!