Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 471

Hints and tips for level 471 Soda Saga
Try to work in the bottom part from the start if you ca. Moves there will be very restricted if there are any at all, but will stop the chocolate from spreading and also unlock some of the special candies at the bottom.
Even though you are trying to work close to the bottom you still need to check the whole board first in case there is a chance to make a special candy there, or set off a combo. But you don't want to waste too many moves without hitting chocolate as it grows very quickly. Every time you make a move without hitting any chocolate you will have three more pieces to clear, so moves that don't clear chocolate have to be worth it!
Combos have to be used as matches of 3 just won't be enough to clear the chocolate in the moves available. Any combo will do, but best is colour bomb with any other special candy.
Use the sprinkleshell as soon as it is full, either to make a combo or to set off a special candy which will destroy chocolate.
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Anonymous said...

I can't even get close to passing this level. So frustrating. Anyone else having a problem?

Anonymous said...

Just not enough moves. I hate the chocolate