Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 470

Hints and tips for level 470 Soda Saga
A lot of members of our Soda Saga All Help group have had trouble passing level 470 Soda Saga.
My strategy was to make sure that every move took at as much honey as possible. Forget about setting up combos unless you can do it in one move. You can't afford to waste moves trying to plan moves, the object of the level is to clear honey so that is ALL you should think about.
In the first board there are no bears in the bottom row of honey, so don't think about that.
Once you collect all the bears from the first board the bottom row of honey will dissolve leaving you with some stripes and fish which will move down onto the second board as you play. But don't be distracted by trying so save those specials or you will waste moves.
On the second board just continue with the same strategy, clearing honey! 
Once the board is opened a bit you should be able to make colour bombs and switch them with other special candies for best effect.
Use the sprinkleshell to help get combos together or to clear honey by using it on candies which are next to honey. or separating your special candies.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I completed the level within three goes after reading your tips

Anonymous said...

Been stuck on this one for months. Stop for weeks then try again - on ipad and PC. No luck

Paula Rink said...

I have 2 separate games of CC Soda going and have been stuck on level 470 over 6 months -- on BOTH games! This is why I quit play the regular Candy Crush. I got to a level that I just flat out couldn't beat after trying for months. Usually after a number of weeks they give you a "mercy" board that will help you win, but not on this level! Hasn't happened. I'm afraid I'm about ready to move on to some other game, and I loved Soda the best. Oh well.