Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 472

Hints and tips for level 472 Soda Saga
You need to collect 30 honey bears over 2 boards to complete level 472 Soda Saga.
Clear the first board as quickly as possible by working at the bottom to clear honey with every move. Check the whole board first to make sure you don't miss chances to make combos which will clear the honey faster.
Use the sprinkleshell to make combos by removing candies which are separating specials, or to create cascades.
Any special candies you don't use on the first board will fall down to be used in the second so don't worry about them. The dispensers on the first board will drop fish and stripes.
Try to have the sprinkleshell full when you move onto the second board, but don't save it if you need to use it, the sprinkleshell fills up quite quickly on level 472 so if you use it you can always fill it again.
There are no bears in the honey that is in the middle of the second board, but there are special candies hidden there so useful when they are uncovered, but don't waste moves uncovering them, work low down on the board and cascades will uncover the special candies as you play.
You need at around 20 moves or more to clear the second board, although with luck it can be done with less.
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