Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 465

Hints and tips for level 465 Soda Saga
Level 465 has very limited moves at the start, so do your best to clear as many locked cells as you can in the first few moves.
You need to look very carefully as the locked cells make if hard to see the matches as you would normally.
Sometimes it's worth waiting a few seconds to see if the game indicates a move that you missed.
If you can, use the colouring candy with another special candy as it won't help much on it's own. 
Once you start making colour bombs it is often easy to keep making them, especially combined with using the sprinkleshell, as you are removing a colour all the time so with less colours, colour bombs and colouring candies are easier to make. However they are always best switched with another special candy to do maximum damage.
Although it is always best to work as near to the bottom of the board as possible never forget to check the whole board before every move.
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Anonymous said...

Have been playing candy crush soda for months and months. I was on level 465. Opened app yesterday and was back at level 40. Tried reinstalling app and now I'm back to level 1. What BS. I'm done