Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 464

Hints and tips for level 464 Soda Saga
Collect 8 soda bottles hidden in the honey.
The first 5 soda bottles are pretty easy, just uncover the stripes along the top, or make fish and the stripes and fish will burst the first 5 bottles.
After that it gets a bit harder as the remaining bottles are hidden under the thick honey.The image below shows where all the soda bottles are hidden.

As you collect the bottles you need to break through the honey because as the soda fills the screen the candies won't be able to float up and you will have less chance to break the honey to find the soda bottles.
Stripes, fish and combos of them will be the best, but a colour bomb with any other special candy will work best of all.
Don't forget to check the bottom of the board for moves once the soda bottles are uncovered as it's very easy to be working in the top part of the board and forget that the candies at the bottom will float up and destroy honey just as well.
Video below
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