Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 285

Hints and tips for level 285 Soda Saga
Level 285 has 4 stages with jelly bombs on each stage. In the first stage you need to concentrate on clearing the jelly bomb, which will take off the top layer of honey, then you can easily clear the rest of the honey and rescue the bears. There are no bears under the thick honey on the bottom and side, so forget that altogether.
The second stage has 2 jelly cakes, but you don't need to worry about them too much. Concentrate on clearing the honey along the bottom and the cakes will be cleared as you work.
The third stage also has 2 jelly bombs. But once again work on clearing the honey and the jelly will be cleared as you work. Fish, wrapped candies and colour bombs are all fairly easy to make, so keep making combos and ignore the jelly bombs.
The final stage has three jelly bombs, look for combos and if you can't make a special candy or a combo then go for a match next to the jelly bombs. The jelly bombs are important on the final stage as they will clear most of the honey for you.
Level 285 need to be cleared in as few moves as possible because the final stage is the hardest and needs plenty of moves to clear it.
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