Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 454

Hints and tips for level 454 Soda Saga
Collect 36 honey bears over 2 boards.
There are 12 bears on the first board, which need to be collected using as few moves as possible.
Use the sprinkleshell as soon as it is full, use it on either cyan to fill it up again, or on a colour that will do the most damage to the honey, or help make combos.
Wrapped candies are probably the best special candies for clearing honey.
Try to keep the licorice under control as it will block your moves and make stripes less effective.
Level 454 is not easy and will need lots of good powerful combos on the second board to clear the honey.
Don't worry too much about the block candies, they do not block your moves and will be cleared as you play, but once they are gone the job of clearing the honey is made much easier.
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