Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 453

Hints and tips for level 453 Soda Saga
This can be a very confusing level! The candies move in a clockwise spiral from the middle outwards on 4 tracks.
I found the candies impossible to follow or predict so it's more or less luck whether you pass this or not.
The jam is in the 4 corners and also in the middle under the colour bomb. There is no need to clear all 4 corners and the colour bomb, you just need to uncover one bit of jam and spread it around.
If you manage to uncover the colour bomb hit it with a stripe to spread the jam from there.
Because the board moves so erratically it's difficult to plan moves so more important to check the whole board before every move to make the most of any chances you are given.
Video below
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1 comment:

Connie said...

This makes me very dizzy. I have two hours of free play and feel weird - just too much spinning. This may be the end. Will try very slowly