Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 452

Hints and tips for level 452 Soda Saga
This is a bubble bear level over 2 boards. The boards are covered with soda so the candies move upwards, meaning you should try to work as close to the top of the board as possible to take advantage of any cascades.
To begin with you will need stripes or fish, or better still a stripe/fish combos, which will release the bears from the honey.
Any special candies you make on the first board will float up into the second so will not be wasted, but don't waste moves as you have thick blockers to clear to allow the bears to pass the candy string.
You will get some fish floating up from the dispenser in the middle of the board, but not enough to clear all the honey so you will need to make your own too.
Use the sprinkleshell as soon as it is full as there is no real advantage in saving it. Use it on a colour that will do the most damage, or that will help you make combos. The sprinkleshell does not fill up very quickly on level 452 so you'll probably only get to use it once.
You will need some good combos to clear the blockers in the second board, stripe/wrap or wraps on their own will clear a lot if you can set them off next to the cupcake blockers.
Colour bomb/wrap combos will be the best way to clear a way through.
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