Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 451

Hints and tips for level 451 Soda Saga
The secret of level 451 is Dufus the sprinkleshell!
Match the cyan candies until the sprinkleshell is full, then use him on cyan candies again and again. 
You need to make a match in the top first, shaded squares, or you won't get any more candies falling down, see image.

Using the sprinkleshell does not count as a move so you can keep using him without using moves.
There will be times when you can't match the cyan candies, so look carefully at the other colours before you make a move and use the sprinkleshell on whatever colour either has the most on the board, or will clear the most honey.
Hopefully then you will have the sprinkleshell full again to use.
Video below
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Unknown said...

I have watched every video for level 451 and tried and tried for days. Out of 5 lives I will get no moves on at least 3 lives just from doing the limited moves allowed at the start and not enough cyan to even use the sprinkleshell to add any further moves...very frustrating and so far from completing that paying for extra moves would be an utter waste of money.

anonymous37 said...

Without the instructions I would have never passed. After reading/following them I passed the first time. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! That worked the first time! Thank you