Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 311

Hints and tips for level 311 Soda Saga
You have to get 3 bubble bears over the candy string, but first you have to collect them all and get them onto the final board.
You will collect the bears one at a time by clearing the honey which is blocking the tubes they have to travel along. The first board looks like this.
The bear will travel up the column where the arrow is pointing so those are the honey blockers you need to clear.
The second board looks like the image below. 
The bear will follow the route shown by the arrows once it is unlocked and the honey cleared.
Fish and fish/stripe boosters are good for this job, although well placed stripe/wrap combos will work too.
Clearing the jelly cake will take a layer off the honey and will go a long way towards clearing it and it will certainly unlock the bear if you haven't been able to do that.
Once you get the second bear out of the top of the board you will move on to the third bear which is at the top of the left section shown in the image below.
You have to clear the honey from the bear and let it float down and out of the bottom.
Fish/stripe combos are good here as well as stripe/wrap combos.
Then you will have all three bears together on the final board.
Here your job is simply to get the bears over the candy string using any specials and combos you can make.
The bears will not get stuck at the holes in the board, they will go straight through to the top so there is no need to move them over, just match as near to the top of the board as you can.
Remember to check the whole board before every move as combos at the bottom can get the bears up just as well as combos at the top.
On all four boards use the sprinkleshell as soon as it is full to help you make combos.
Video below.

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