Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 466

Hints and tips for level 466 Soda Saga
The soda bottles are mostly hidden under the cupcake blockers, some need hitting more than others, so try to make moves that will have an effect on the thickest ones first and hopefully some of the others will be uncovered along the way. More will float up from the bottom as you clear, so once you have more than half the bottles work in the soda to allow more to float up.
Fish are the most useful special candies on any soda bottle level.
There are not many moves on level 466 so you are really going to have to rely on combos and cascades to clear the blockers and burst the bottles.
Work near the bottom to begin with to take advantage of cascades, and as the soda fills the board work around the join between the soda and non soda. This will give you the best chance of cascades.
Look carefully at the whole board before every move and use the sprinkleshell as soon as it is full.
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