Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 203

Hints and tips for level 203 Soda Saga
There are special candies hidden in the honey along the middle of the board. 
Before you make a move see if there is a move you can make between the honey and chocolate, if you can switch candies there it will stop the chocolate growing as it can only grow where there are candies. This isn't always possible so look for special candies. Vertical stripes or stripe/wrap combos will unlock the stripes and wraps in the honey, but if you don't destroy some chocolate when you uncover them they will be eaten by the chocolate. The chocolate is relentless in level 203!
Wrapped candies are great for clearing chocolate, and if you can switch one with a colour bomb you should just about clear the board in one move.
If you forget about making combos you will just end up chasing the chocolate and you will run out of moves.
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