Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 202

Hints and tips for level 202 Soda Saga
The two bears can hidden on either side of the board or sometimes one is in the middle so there is no need to clear all the cupcake blockers in the middle if the bears are either side to beat level 202 Soda Saga.
You will see where the bears are as you begin to clear the frosting so you can concentrate more on where they are.
However once you have collected one of the bears it can be a bit tricky to collect the other as the licorice is likely to be blocking your moves, so try to keep moving both sides if you can and the more cupcake blockers you clear the easier it will be to find good moves on both sides of the board.
Making moves on both sides as well as clearing the blockers as you go will keep the licorice under control so you have a better chance of uncovering the two bears in the moves available.
Look at the whole board before every move and always make a special candy or combo if you can.
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