Candy Crush Soda Saga level 390

Hints and tips for level 390 Soda Saga
Apart from the fist bottle, all the soda bottles are hidden under the honey up both sides of the board.
Try to make every move next to the honey or make a special candy or combo.
The bubble bears will be released when the honey at the bottom left and right is cleared, but don't worry about using moves to release the bears, just clear the honey to uncover the soda bottles and the bears will be released as you play by matches made in the soda as the candies float up.
The hardest honey to clear is the top corners as it is very thick and needs six hits to clear. There is a soda bottle in one of the top corners so this needs to be cleared to complete the level.
Use fish, fish strip combos etc. Also look carefully at the purple candies to see if you can make combos with them as they are very powerful.
Video below
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Unknown said...

impossible to even get all the bottles to get above the line. Maybe stopping here.

Anonymous said...

Been on this level for ages. Got close a few times but really had enough.

Anonymous said...

Posted above comment which must have been good luck. Finally passed today after 8 days. Glad to be past this level.

Judy Rodde said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judy Rodde said...

Posting for luck....please

Anonymous said...

Have been stuck here forever!! Was fun at first, now just frustrating!!

Anonymous said...

Not funny anymore to play this level, very frustrating you make the moves you want to

Anonymous said...

Sorry can't make the moves you want to