Candy Crush Soda Saga level 391

Hints and tips for level 391 Soda Saga
Level 391 introduces a new type of blocker, we'll call them shoelace candies or shoestring candies.
You don't have to clear all the shoelace candies by matching beside them, you only need to match beside one which has the 4 dots on it and all other shoelace candies in the same section or line will vanish.
In the image above you the middle candy needs to be hit once and the whole row will disappear.
As that is not possible in this particular image you would need to match candies beside another, like the blue stripe pattern on the left, then the next time you match next to it the whole row will disappear.
This is the next section of level 391 below, showing the shoelace candies which have to be matched next to 3 or 4 times before they will disappear and take the whole column of touching shoelace candies away.
Remember you only need to match one with the 4 dots to get rid of the whole column.
To clear level 391 you will need to collect soda bottles so fish are very useful and the licorice won't be a problem for the fish.
Once you have the shoestring candies out of the way lots of soda bottles and special candies will fall from the top so you just need to keep making special candies and combos to get the bubble bears to the top.
The last soda bottle is hidden in the frosted square just below the candy string.
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