Candy Crush Soda Saga level 373

Tips and help for level 373 Soda Saga
You will need some purple candy patterns to be able to complete level 373, as the honey is very thick and you don't have lots of moves to spare.
The first time I played level 373 I didn't notice the dispensers in the top row, seperated from the main part of the board. 
If you make vertical stripes or combos which affect the top row, stripes and fish will drop from the dispensers, which you can switch together to help clear the honey.
These combos alone, whilst helpful, will not be enough to completely clear the honey, so you need to make other combos, especially purple candy combos to have any chance of beating level 373.
The licorice is annoying and will block your moves in the bottom part of the board, so if you get a combo try to make sure there isn't too much licorice blocking the blast.
Take care to look at the whole board before every move as it's easy to concentrate on clearing honey and miss a better move elsewhere that will help more.
Video below
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