Candy Crush Soda Saga level 372

Tips and help for level 372 Soda Saga
Because level 372 starts in the green soda, the candies will move upwards, so work at the top while you're working in the soda, to take advantage of any cascades from the bottom. BUT even though you are working near the top you mustn't miss any chances to make stripes, wraps, or fish, because these will give you more green fish to clear the honey and release the bears to float up.
stripe/ wrap combos are fantastic on this level as they will clear some of the honey but also give you loads of green fish to clear even more!
Colour bombs are OK if switched with another special, but not so great on their own.
A fish switched with a vertical stripe is a good combo at any stage of the game, but especially when the bears are in the side columns.
Don't worry too much about releasing the bear in the middle, as the fish will usually unlock it at some stage in the game. However keep it in mind in case they don't.
Once you get to the top and out of the soda the fish will still help with clearing the board, so work in the soda if you can, but see if you can make special candies in the top too, especially beside the honey to break a path for the bears.
There is no need to totally clear all the honey as the bears will slip through gaps diagonally.
There are bottles hidden in the honey which the fish will find for you as long as you keep making them by switching in the green soda.
As usual look at the whole board before every move as it's easy to concentrate on getting the bears up and miss a good move such as a stripe which may do the job faster.
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