Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 376

Hints and tips for level 376 Soda Saga
You have 30 moves to find 25 bears.
The frosting at the bottom is 6 layers so you will need some pretty powerful combos to do the job in the moves available.
First work on clearing the jelly cakes, as you are are clearing them you will also be uncovering some of the bears.Stripes and stripe/wrap combos will work well here, but don't forget to look carefully before every move and see if you can make colour bombs and even a colouring candy. If you do make either one of those try to switch them with another special candy as they don't do much on their own. Never use a colour bomb on a purple cough candy, as you want as many of those on the board as you can.
All the time you are looking for good specials work with the cough candies to make the blasts which will be the difference between winning and losing this level.
Don't waste moves making fish as they are pretty useless on their own, but the purple cough candy fish are worth making as you will get at least 4 fish each time. But only make the fish if there is no better option.
Work as low down on the board as you can so you take advantage of any cascades and look at the whole board before every move.
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