Candy Crush Soda Saga level 371

Tips and help for level 371 Soda Saga
The jam starts off in the middle square so try to get it moving as soon as possible, there is no point making matches that don't spread jam.
The board on level 371 move sideways, but the top and bottom move in opposite directions so it can be very confusing!
The top half moves from left to right and the bottom moves from right to left, but they don't have any connection apart from the middle square. 
Fish will occasionally come out of the dispensers at the "top" of each section (where the candies appear), but they are only helpful if you get them in the jam so they carry the jam to other parts of the board. However they will go for the licorice if they don't have jam on their backs.
The aim is ONLY to spread jam, so this has to be the aim of every move.
The purple candies will cover large areas of the board with jam providing they are made in the jam or blast through it. 
Remember to check the board carefully before every move, make the best use of fish and think SIDEWAYS! 
Video below
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