Purple cough candy

Introducing purple cough candy and how it works.
I'm not sure what the makers are calling the new purple candies, but for now I'll call them cough candies. They can be matched in the same way as normal candies, but the difference becomes apparent when you match them together in special candy patterns..
If you make a line of four as if you are making a striped candy you will get a line blast of four lines or columns, depending on the direction of the line you have made. In the image below if the top purple candy is moved down to make a line of four the blast will go vertically through all four columns.
If the line of four is made sideways the blast will go sideways across four rows.

Making a T or L shape will cause a 6 X 6 blast removing any candies or one layer from any blockers in that area.

If you make a fish pattern with 4 or 5 candies you will get four or five fish, which will swim away without needing to be matched, so they can be very useful on honey and soda bottle levels.
Best of all is if you get five or six in a row, as if you are making a colour bomb or colouring candy.
The colour bomb pattern will clear a layer from the whole board and the colouring candy pattern will turn all the candies on the board purple, which will then make whatever special candies available and this usually clears most of the board for you, this is very powerful.
Below is a video showing many of the purple candy combinations.
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