Candy Crush Soda Saga level 210

Tips and tricks for level 210 Soda Saga

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There is white and brown chocolate on level 210, so double trouble!
While matching next to the chocolate will keep it under control temporarily, it won't be enough to clear it all unless you are very lucky. Eventually you will run out of moves next to the chocolate and it will grow back very quickly.
You will need some combos to clear it complete the level, so before every move look carefully at the board to see which specials you can make without letting the chocolate grow too much.
Vertical stripes are the basic, but matching stripes with another special is better still.
Fish won't do much good against chocolate so don't waste moves on making them and if you do get any make sure you switch them with some other special so they work better.
Wraps are always most effective against chocolate, and switched with a colour bomb will almost certainly clear huge amounts of chocolate.
Once you have cleared some of the chocolate work at the bottom of the board as much as possible to take advantage of cascades which will save you moves.
Video below.

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