Candy Crush Soda Saga level 223

Tips and tricks for level 223 Soda Saga

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You only have to find 2 bears to complete level 223, but the bears are hidden under multi thickness cupcakes, so you are going to need some heavy duty combos to uncover them.
The good news is there are bags of pink fish also under the cupcakes.
You don't need to uncover the pink fish and it could be a waste of moves to try, so as soon as you see the bears work on clearing them and if you clear the pink fish too it's a bonus.
There are only 4 colours of candy on the board so making specials and combos is fairly easy, but you can't afford to waste moves, you need colour bombs matched with any other special, or best of all a colouring candy matched with a colour bomb to give you "Rainbow Kimmy" and a good clearance of the board. 
As you move down the board keep working as low as possible to take advantage of the cascades to do some damage, but don't forget to check the whole board before every move so you don't miss any chances to make good moves. Take your time, there's no time limit.
You will probably use a fair few lives on level 223, but keep making those combos and you will eventually get the good board and pass.
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