Candy Crush Soda Saga level 24

Tips for level 24 Soda Saga
You have a choice how you begin level 24, you can play in the top half of the board to break the soda bottles and keep the bear floating up there, or you can switch the candies I have indicated in the image below.
Which will give you two colour bombs, and sometimes a colour bomb, colouring candy combo.
Then you can decide whether to switch the colour bombs together or use them singly.
I tend to use them singly on different colours so that you have more chance of breaking more bottles.
If you have a good board and can work in the top half to burst bottles and get the bear up you can even leave the colour bombs till the end to improve your score.
But mostly you just want to pass the level, so use them.
Once you have enough bottles burst so the soda is above the string you need to match candies above the string to get the bear up there, or use a stripe or a colour bomb to float the bear up.
Video below

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