Candy Crush Soda Saga level 120

Tips for level 120 Soda Saga
There are 4 sections to the board on level 120, and you need to rescue 40 bears from the honey.
The last board is the most difficult as it has the thickest honey to clear.
The first section is fairly easy so you want to be clearing it and collecting the 3 bears in one or two moves only.. The more moves you use in the first 2 sections the less likely you are to have enough moves left to clear the final one.
The second section is also not too difficult and again you need to use as few moves as possible. Look carefully before every move and try to make a special candy with every move. There are 5 bears in the second section, use fish to discover where they are and don't waste moves clearing honey that you don't need to clear.
Rescue the bears and try to save some of your specials for the next section.
The third section holds 7 bears, again look carefully for special candies, Whenever possible combine your specials to save moves and create maximum destruction of the honey.
A fish, colour bomb combination is very useful on all levels and stripe/wrap will also clear quite a lot. Wraps switched with a colour bomb are especially effective where the honey is at the bottom of the board, as all the exploding wraps will fall to the bottom.
The forth section holds 7 more bears, and the honey is to the left of the board so wraps are not quite so effective, if you can save any wraps for the last section they will be much more useful.
This leaves 18 bears hidden in the final section.
This is the most difficult of all as the honey is thick and there are a lot of bears left to rescue.
I think you need at least 20 moves to complete this section, unless you are extremely lucky with cascades.
Here you need wraps, wraps and more wraps, exploded against the honey.. If you make a colour bomb, match it with a wrap if at all possible, if not, any other special will do.
There is a colouring candy hidden in the bottom row so if you get that uncovered try to switch it with another special. But the main thing to remember is don't waste moves especially on the first few sections and save your specials as you go if you don't need them.
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luckylau said...

just can't get thru this level on any of the venues i i don't play like i used to any level is as slow as molasses...

Anonymous said...

I need help and a lot of luck on this level