How to play Candy Crush Soda Saga

Soda Saga, how to play
Soda saga is similar in many ways to the popular Candy Crush Saga, it's a match three puzzle game with various targets to reach on each level.
The page outlining how to play Candy Crush Saga will give you a good basic understanding of how to play the game if you are new to match three games.
There are different playing modes depending on the level, here I'll give a summary of each play mode and how to beat it.
Frosted Bears.
In these levels you have to find and uncover green bears which are covered in ice/frosting.
In the early levels the bears are always in the same place on the board, but soon they begin to move around with each game you play, so if you found them all but lost the game because you didn't completely uncover them, you may find that next time you play they will be in different positions.
In order to uncover the bears you have to match the candies in the frosting, which will dissolve it and uncover that part of the bear. Usually there are two layers of frosting so you can't see the bears until you have cleared the top layer.
You will have a limited number of moves so making and using combos is very important.
In the image below you can see 2 bears that have been partly uncovered.
Soda Bottles.
In the soda mode you need to burst soda bottles to complete the level, as you burst the bottles purple soda will fill up the board from the bottom and any candies in the soda will FLOAT UPWARDS when you match them. So the top candies will be falling while the bottom candies in the soda will be going upwards. Fish will always go for a soda bottle before anything else, so remember to look out for fish patterns.

Bubble Bears.
Bubble bear levels are also soda levels, except you have a bubble with a bear inside, which has to be floated up and over the candy string. First you need to burst soda bottles to get the soda rising, then you need to match candies above the bubble bear to get it to float to the top and cross the line.
The bear has to cross the line so you will need to match candies above the line to get it over, or use a vertical stripe to send it up, but it will only be able to cross the string if there is enough soda for it to float in.
I used to love chocolate until I started playing Candy Crush Saga, I learned to deal with it but Soda Saga takes the chocolate to new levels of evilness!
In Soda Saga you have to destroy every piece of chocolate to complete the level. The chocolate is destroyed by matching the adjacent candies or by hitting with the blast from stripes, wraps or any other combos. Fish will help to remove difficult to get at Chocolates, but every time you make a move without destroying any chocolate it will grow a square. You will also find that some of the chocolate squares are locked and need to be hit twice to remove them, but that doesn't stop them from growing! Usually the chocolate does not eat your special candies so gives you a bit better chance of defeating it, but I find the chocolate levels the most difficult of all to beat.

Honey Bears.
In the honey bear levels, from level 76, the bears are hidden in honey, you can't always see where they are until you begin to uncover them, this is where the fish are really useful as they will always hit a bear even if you can't see it, they know where the bears are.
You can also find the bears by matching the candies adjacent to the honey or hitting with the blast from any special candy or combo.
Once all the bears have been found any remaining honey will dissolve and you will either complete the level or move on to the next board in the level.

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April said...

I appreciate all the tips and tricks I've picked up here. Thanks.

I'm in the home stretch, around 355 right now, and only recently learned (from somewhere around level 300-310) how the licorice swirls work.

If you make a combo with a candy touching one of the licorice swirls, then no more licorice swirls will be dispensed.

I knew there was some rhyme/reason to their behavior that I wasn't grasping.

I was wondering if you might add a section on licorice swirls as one of your sub-topics on the left. I drove myself crazy looking for a clue on this, but only came across it late in the game.

Again, thanks for all your hard work on this site.