Candy Crush Soda Saga level 60

Tips for level 60 Soda Saga
At the start of the game your moves are very limited, but try to make fish wherever possible and if you can get a fish, stripe combo better still.. The fish will unlock the soda bottles and burst them and combined with a stripe can unlock several in one move.
Even though you won't have a lot of choice of moves, if you can't make a fish or other special candy try to break as many cupcakes as you can with every move. It doesn't really matter which ones you break to begin with as you're just trying to open up the board so you can make specials and combos.
As you work your way into the blockers and burst bottles you will see that the bears will slip diagonally through gaps if that is their only escape route, so making the job of floating them up easier, so try to break the cupcakes diagonally above the middle bears to allow them to escape.
You will need at least a couple of good combos besides the fish and stripes.
A colour bomb matched with a fish as soon as possible will break the bottles and fill up the soda, but once the soda is full the best combos will be a stripe / wrap or better still a colour bomb / stripe, which will clear loads of blockers and get the bears to the top.
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