Candy Crush Soda Saga level 144

Tips for level 144 Soda Saga
There are 2 ways to complete this level.. The first is the careful way.
First open up the playing area by clearing as much licorice as you can in as few moves as possible, but be careful not to remove the bottom row of licorice which is keeping the chocolate confined to the bottom of the board. 
Once you have some space to work start making fish and also horizontal stripes. Try not to make vertical stripes which will release the chocolate from the bottom.
If you can get a horizontal stripe and fish together don't use them straight away unless you really have to. Try to get a second combo without disturbing the first, then use them one after the other to destroy both layers of chocolate.
The second way to complete level 144 is to clear as much licorice as possible then start making any combo you can and firing them off to create as much damage as possible to licorice and chocolate.
This is a risky method as the chocolate is likely to escape and spread but it will almost certainly guarantee a good score.
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