Candy Crush Soda Saga level 180

Tips for level 180 Soda Saga
As this is a bubblegum level you need to make sure that every moves takes at least some bubblegum, especially once the board is becoming cleared, if you make a move without taking any bubblegum it will grow and negate the work you have done.
But at the same time you need to be looking for stripes and other special candies.
Good combinations to begin with are stripe / wrap combos as these will take out 3 rows and 3 columns of bubblegum and unlock any locked cells on the way..
Another good combo to look out for is a colour bomb and stripe, or fish and stripe, but you need to keep making them to keep removing bubblegum.
Stripe and fish switched together will usually go to the corners, especially if there is no more bubblegum for them to aim for.
Just matching 3's isn't going to clear this level.
The most difficult squares to clear, and the ones you are most likely to end up with when you have used all your moves, are the 4 corners, as these need hitting several times to remove bubblegum and licorice.
A stripe switched with a fish will clear one layer, just beware it doesn't grow back before you can get it all.
Video below.
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More tips for Soda Saga level 180 by Lise Busby
Ensure you break at least one bubblegum so it doesn't grow.
While you are clearing the middle attempt to make fish and stripes (colour bomb and colouring candy if you are lucky but fish and stripes are a priority)
Line up fish and stripes (can be vertical or horizontal) to clear the corner bubblegum.
Win and happy dance!

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