Candy Crush Soda Saga level 102

Tips for level 102 Soda Saga
There are 5 separate parts to level 102, each with some of the bears hidden in the honey.
There are a total of 11 bears to collect in 45 moves.
The main thing you need to do to pass level 102 is to use as few moves as possible as you collect the bears from the first few boards.
Remember, the aim of level 102 is ONLY to collect bears, not to clear honey, so don't waste moves clearing honey that you don't need.
The first board has only one bear in the middle which needs to be hit twice.
The second board has 2 bears which need hitting twice.
The third board has 3 bears which need hitting twice.
The forth board has 4 bears which also need to be hit twice.
The final board has just one bear to rescue which also needs hitting twice. 
The boards are interconnected but they are in a cross shape, with the last board in the middle of the cross, so any special candies you leave behind in the first board will fall down into the final board to help you collect the final bear.
Fish are the most useful special candy in this level, but stripes, and any combo will also clear lots of honey and collect the bears.
The video below shows level 102 being passed with 45 moves, there are now 50 so should be a bit easier.
Video below
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