Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 1190 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1190 Candy Crush Soda Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to burst the soda bottles to float the bear along the tube to the candy string.
Fish, fish and more fish are the secret to level 1190.
As soon as you begin making matches the soda bottles will start to drop and you need to burst them.
If you make matches in the same column wherever possible you may get several bottles in the same column, or close by so you can match more than one with one move as the biggest problem with level 1190 is the shortage of moves at the end.
There are six colours on the board so making special candies isn't so easy, so you need to play more carefully than usual so you don't miss any chances.
The board will move sideways as you move the bear along and when you can see the candy string you will need to clear the black candy blockers either by hitting them with a stripe, or, once all the bottles are burst the fish will break them. Fish will also clear the final cupcake blocker, but only when all the soda bottles are gone.
If you are struggling with the last part of level 1190 you can always use a lolly hammer to clear the last blocker.
Video below by Skillgaming
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