Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 1094 tips

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1094 Candy Crush Soda Saga without boosters by Cookie
Try to clear the bottom jelly cake bomb first, as you need to have soda in the squares over the dispensers to get the soda bottles to float up and if you clear the top ones first it won't give you any bottles.
Once you begin to clear the jelly cakes the soda bottles will float up from the dispensers as long as there is room for them, so you need to keep hitting those sections on the left to allow the soda bottles to float up.
Work near the level of the soda to create cascades whick will hopefully give you the special candies you need.
Jelly fish will always target the soda bottles if there are any on the board.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

This is an absolute nightmare of a level - especially since I lost all my saved lives & boosters with the latest iPad update :-(

I must have played over 50 times so far & am getting nowhere near completing it. Saying that it helps to have the bottom jelly cake cleared first is one thing, but actually getting the fish to target it is another thing. Horrible level, makes me feel like giving up.

Unknown said...

The level is no longer the same as shown in the video.
The challenge is now 7 bottles on only 30 moves... virtuelle impossible!
Would love to see a video showing how it's done!

Anonymous said...

This level is impossible! Not only have they reduced the number of moves, but they've also added lots of licorice that are then uselessly targeted by any fish you're lucky enough to create. After countless tries with many boosters to no avail, I finally used two boosters (fish and sprinkle ball) 2 hand switches, and 7 hammers to be done with this horrible level! I don't see how it can be done without eating up lots of boosters. I played many dozens of times and there was never a "lucky" board. The best I had manage on rare occasions was popping one bottle. Shame on you King for putting players through this!

Anonymous said...

I think here is where I delete this game. Impossible level.

Maria Valéria said...

Try to make a rainbow kimmy ,at the beggining of the game . This will clear all the 3 cakes at the same time; then you will have plenty of moves to hit the 7 bottles . I made this level this way without boosters , with 5 moves left . I hope I was helpfull and wish you good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Thumbs down. Awful level.

D Smoot said...

This level is now 7 bottles with only 32 moves. Have never popped more than 2 bottles. Played with boosters and still can't pass it. This is where I quit.