Candy Crush Soda Saga Boosters

How to use Candy Crush Soda Saga boosters by Cookie

Candy Crush Soda Saga Boosters

Lollipop Hammer
You can use the lollipop hammer to clear a square of either jelly, blockers, chocolate, candy or to set off a special candy, just click on the lolly icon at the top of the game, then hover over the square you want to hit. Make sure the lolly is on the right square before you use it as you don't want to waste it. Then click on the lolly to smash the square.
You can use the lolly to clear a square or to remove a candy to get two specials together to make a combo, especially useful for getting a Rainbow Kimmy combo together as you can't move the colour bombs and colouring candies.
Use the Lollipop wisely as they are expensive to buy and hard work to win on the challenges.

Striped lollipop booster
This works the same way as the normal lollipop ecxept it will take out a whole row and column fronm the square you hit with it. This is a very powerful booster and should be used sparingly as it isn't easy or cheap to get.
Colour bomb booster
Click on this before you start the level and you will have a colour bomb on the board when the game starts. Most useful on levels that start with plenty of candies and not too many blockers as it will only remove candies. But if you can get a fish or other special candy next to it better still.

Colouring candy Booster
Click on the colouring candy booster before you start the level and you will have a colouring candy on the board at the start of the game.
Use this at the same time as the colour bomb booster and there is a chance the board will open with the two boosters side by side to give you a Rainbow Kimmy

Jelly fish booster
Click on this before you start a level and it will give you jelly fish that swim across the board at the start and eat a couple of jellies. You also get double the amount of fish you make during the game so can be quite a useful booster on honey and jam levels..

Free switch hand booster
Use this in the same way as in Candy Crush Saga. Use it during the game to switch two candies that don't match. This is useful for getting combos together, especially useful if you want to get a colour bomb and colouring candy together.

Lucky CandyL
Free SwitchFree Switch

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upelaine said...

I am on Level 245. I do not receive any booster rewards and have not in many, many days/games. Need help to fix so I can win boosters or else I am losing interest in CCSoda.