Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 554

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 554 Soda Saga without boosters
This is a very tall board! The bears have a long way to float up.
Burst as many soda bottles as you can in as few moves as possible, then the orange soda will begin dissolving the blockers.
Try to help by making sideways stripes at the same time.
After each move check the board carefully because the orange soda will uncover stripe/wrap combos at each side which you should switch together. This will clear the licorice out of the way so the bears can float up.
This will happen 3 times, then you will have to break through the last section to get the bears past the candy string.
If you have been lucky you should have enough moves left to complete the game using stripes and stripe/wrap combos.
Video below
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1 comment:

Lucky me said...

Really tough board! Kept just running out of moves so bought myself 5 extra moves with my bubblegum hill won gold bars and passed, got this far without paying anything, not starting now! Good luck