Candy Crush Soda Saga level 543

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 543 Soda Saga without using boosters.
Look at both sides and see where the soda bottles will come out of the dispensers.
The bottles fall down from the top of the left side and once you have some soda on the board the bottles will rise up from the bottom of the right side of the board.
Once you know where the soda bottles will come from you can work to get as many bottles as you can as quickly as you can.
The orange soda will dissolve the blockers holding back the bubble bears, but you can also hit them with combos if you happen to get any.
Once the bears start to float up save any sideways stripes near the top to get rid of some of the licorice. Fish will clear the licorice once there are no soda bottles to burst, but they will only go to the ones in the middle column if there is no licorice anywhere else, so clear all the licorice before you release fish or fish combos.
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crushingcandies01 said...
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Anonymous said...

I would like to think that CC games are a game played and passed by the skill of the player, but instead they these games are strictly to be played for the benefit of CC to become rich. Every level is controlled by CC and a player cannot pass until CC decides to give them a lucky board. I just wish they would consider their players when they wait for days before they decide to let the player pass the level. It truly gets VERY boring playing the same level over and over and over,etc.