Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 540

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 540 Soda Saga
Level 540 Soda Saga says it's a hard level and it definitely is!
Look carefully at the moves available at the start and if you can make moves that hit the jelly cake as well as the honey these are the best moves to make.
Next best are moves which hit the jelly cake and cause a mini cascade which hits it multiple times. The quicker you get the first jelly cake out of the way the more space you have to work and make good combos.
Once the first jelly cake is cleared work as low down on the board as possible, especially towards the right to clear the second jelly cake.
You can complete level 540 without clearing the second jelly cake but it's unlikely that you will.
The most important thing is that you look at the whole board before every move because combos are the only way you will clear level 540 Soda Saga.
Any combo will do but wrapped candies are especially useful as they clear two layers of honey in the surrounding squares.
Best combos are colour bomb stripe or colour bomb wrap. As well as combos you will need to create cascades, so this is why working in the bottom part of the board is so important.
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