Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 521

Hints and tips for level 521 Soda Saga
There are 2 boards containing beard, on the first board there are no bears in the bottom row of honey but there are lots of special candies in that row which you will be able to use to help on the second board.
Try to ensure that every move clears some honey and make combos and special candies as much as possible.
You will need lots of combos to clear the honey.
Fish switched with sideways stripes are especially useful as they will clear a whole row of honey.
On the second board you will get some wrapped candies falling from the dispenser in the middle of the board which you can switch together to cause maximum destruction to the honey below.
There is a colouring candy at the bottom, but you can almost ignore it as it is likely to be detonated by one of your combos as you clear honey.
If you do manage to get to the colouring candy without losing it try to switch it with another special candy as it doesn't help a great deal switched with a single candy.
As always, check the whole board before every move as you don't have many to spare.
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