Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 519

Hints and tips for level 519 Soda Saga
All the bears are hidden in the honey on the one board, so no need to worry about a second board.
Once you break the black candies the candies will move down into the bottom part of the board only through the middle gap, then they will spread to the left and right into both sides.
See image below.
The sooner you can get rid of the black candies and get moves in the bottom the more chance you will have of completing level 519.
Look for moves in between the honey squares before every move, but remember that combos in the top part of the board will still affect the honey so it's important that you check there too.
Fish will always go to the bears, so in honey bear levels it's always worth switching a fish with a stripe or a colour bomb.
Video below
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