Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 510

Hints and tips for level 510 Soda Saga
How to pass level 510 Soda Saga. New design, now honey bears level.
Level 510 has changed from being an impossible bottle cap level to a difficult honey bears level.
On the first board there are no bears in the bottom row of honey so you only have to clear the other rows.
Use as many special candies and combos as you can, especially wrapped candies, as these will clear a lot of honey with 2 explosions.
Fish are useful but don't switch them with a wrap or stripe unless you have no choice, with a wrap you will only get one explosion if switched with a fish, and switching a fish with a stripe, while useful, is often less useful than just firing them off separately. You will need to work out which is best depending on the board you have at the time.
On the second board there are some striped  candies locked in the middle which will be useful once unlocked, but try to switch them with another special candy if you can..
I have played this level numerous times and watched videos made by other players and it seems that almost the only way to pass level 510 is with a rainbow Kimmy on the second board, so if you get a colouring candy on the first board save it very carefully for the second.
I managed to pass finally without getting a Rainbow Kimmy, but had quite a bit of luck in the last couple of moves to finish clearing the last couple of bears.
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ToHelenBackAgain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meesha S said...

Can't say I'm sad about the change!

Jocelyn said...

I still have the impossible bottle cap board! I wonder when it will update on iPhone?

ToHelenBackAgain said...

I'm finding the bears every bit as impossible as the bottle caps were.

anonymous37 said...

I agree with ToHelen...this board is also impossible. They've sucked the fun out of Soda Saga, just like they're doing with Candy Crush.

Terrence White said...

Been stuck for three weeks

Terrence White said...

Been stuck for three weeks

Terrence White said...

I had a Rainbow Kimmy and still didn't pass it...I quit!

April said...

Is mobile 510 level different than FB, etc.?? I don't have honey on my 510 but bottles in 4 separated corners with the main board regular candies with the two columns of two under ice or icing.

45 moves.


April said...

Ah, since I couldn't find help with FIZZ/Bottle Cap episode, I checked my App updates and sure enough I had an update for Candy Crush Soda.

I only did this after I took weeks trying to beat the original FIZZ level 510, which I finally did.

I'm glad they removed the FIZZ levels. They were hard to figure out and hard to see if you had specials under all those bubbles and fizz.

While I had played Pepper Panic, and so understood the concept of Fizz levels, I never enjoyed them.

Somi Nome said...

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