Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 314

Hints and tips for level 314 Soda Saga
There are two boards on level 314 so you need to clear the first board in as few moves as possible. Fish are always useful on honey bear levels as they will always go to the bears, and if you switch them with another special candy better still.
There is no licorice on level 314 so stripes can be used whenever possible.
There are only five colours of candy so making special candies and combos shouldn't be too difficult.
Don't waste specials and combos, if you have two vertical stripes use them separately to hit honey if switching them means only one will do any good. Don't switch a stripe with a fish if setting the stripe off by matching will hit honey as well as setting off the fish. Only switch a fish and stripe if the stripe will not hit honey on its own.
Work as low on the board as possible to take advantage of any cascades.
Use the sprinkleshell wisely. If you have almost completed the first board and can complete it in one or two moves save the sprinkleshell for the second board, but if using the sprinkleshell saves you moves, then use it.
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