Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 504

Hints and tips for level 504 Soda Saga
There are two boards on level 504.
The first board has 10 bears, all hidden in the right corner. 
The rest of the bears are on the second board.
The first board the candies fall from top to bottom, so work as close to the bottom and right as you can, to clear honey and make combos, you need as many combos as you can make to clear the honey in as few moves as possible.
The second board moves differently. The candies fall downwards until they get to the bottom, then they turn and move sideways from left to right, in a L shape.
For this reason you need to look even more carefully at how the candies are moving to get the special candies and combos close to the honey before you switch them.
Try to switch any colouring candies or colour bombs with another special candy for best effect.
Look carefully at the whole board before every move and take your time, there is no timer on this game.
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Anonymous said...

This is just another stupid level, seems impossible.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this level is a waist of time and clearly made to force players to purchase boosters. Absolutely ridiculous !