Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 503

Hints and tips for level 503 Soda Saga
New board, spread the jam.
The hardest part of level 503 is clearing the blockers down the "leg" in the middle so this is where you need to concentrate the most.
Forget about the jam and work on making stripes and wraps and switching them together wherever possible.
The jam will take care of itself as you work on breaking the blockers and licorice.
Fish will be useful but don't waste moves on making them, they will be provided from dispensers at the bottom of the board as well as forming themselves as you play.
Fish will break the blockers only if they are not carrying jam, once they have jam on them they will not touch the blockers unless the board is full of jam, so use fish at the start to help break the blockers, then ignore them unless you have a colour bomb you can switch them with.

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