Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 218

Hints and tips for level 218 Soda Saga
All the bears are hidden in the bottom half of the board, but since there are only two rows of candies making matches there is difficult.
As soon as you make a move licorice will fall into the middle row and block any stripes you try to use in the top part of the board, so the best way to clear the frosting is with fish and fish combos.
There are pink fish bags in the top half of the board which will help, but you will need some combos to clear the frosting in the bottom as well as the pink fish.
Colour bomb/fish combos are good. You will also need a bit of luck as the fish will often go to places you don't really need them.
Look at the whole board before every move, especially the bottom part, to make sure you don't miss any good moves.
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