Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 217

Hints and tips for level 217 Soda Saga
On the first board all the bears are in the honey at the bottom of the board, you can ignore the honey down the right hand side completely.
See image
Once you have cleared the honey along the bottom the rest of the honey will dissolve and uncover lots of special candies which you can use on the second board.
Again on the second board the bears are only hidden in the bottom row of honey, the rest is just a distraction.
See image below
If you can make matches on the right of the licorice the special candies will fall down and you can switch them together to clear the maximum amount of honey.
Apart from the special candies provided, fish are the most useful as they will go directly to the bears. Better still if you switch the fish with a colour bomb or sideways stripe.
Video below
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