Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 455

Hints and tips for level 455 Soda Saga
Level 455 is a green soda level, so the faster you can get the soda bottles and fill up the board with green soda the easier the level will be to complete.
I found that concentrating on making special candies and combos, especially in the green soda, worked best for me.
The soda bottles, apart from the first one, are hidden under the cupcake blockers, which need to be cleared, but the more combos you make in the green soda, the more the fish will clear the blockers for you.
Use the sprinkleshell as soon as it is full. Use it on a colour which has a lot in the green soda, as each candy in the green soda will give you a fish when removed by the sprinkleshell.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

I don't play this game much anymore because the levels just got too boring. So I've been stuck on this level for months. Good to see your video to confirm my suspicions that it really just takes an incredibly lucky attempt. So no point in wasting any more time on a nice game design ruined by a greedy level designer (or maybe the bean counters just slashed the number of turns). I assume somebody must be buying boosters to finish these levels or they would just be losing customers, right?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the help. I swore when I started playing this game that I would never buy anything. After being stuck on certain levels for so long after a year, I gave in. Then won a couple of Bubblegum Hill challenges, but used my boosters to do that. They get you one way or another, because thanks to the new challenges, I'm finally racking up boosters, but still end up spending a dollar here and there when I run out of turns. I've played some levels 20 times probably. I must be really bored, lol.