Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 449

Hints and tips for level 449 Soda Saga
Don't worry too much about spreading the jam to begin with, your main job on level 449 is to clear the thick cupcake blockers in the bottom half of the board.
To clear the blockers you will need stripes and wraps and combinations of the two.
Also at some stage you will need to make fish to get into the difficult corners.
If you work on clearing the cupcake blockers the jam will be spread without you having to worry too much about it.
Once the board is almost clear check around to see if there are any empty squares which need jam in them and use whatever you have available to fill them up.
Use the sprinkleshell to best advantage, he doesn't help to spread the jam, so use it to clear the blockers as much as possible.
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1 comment:

Joan Farrington said...

can anyone tell me what the rainbow colored fish are for when even I put 4 blocks together to make a fish. this is new