Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 408

Hints and tips for level 408 Soda Saga
The bottom row on the first board doesn't have any bears in it so you just need to clear the first three rows to collect the first 11 bears. wrapped candies are great for clearing honey, but make sure you get them down next to it before you match them.
There are fish and stripe dispensers at the top so switch fish with horizontal stripes if you can, don't switch fish with vertical stripes though as they won't be any better than just switching the stripe unless it's the only way to get to a piece of honey.
On the second board try to switch the colouring candy with another special candy as it won't do you much use on its own.
Any combo will be useful on this board, but especially if you can switch the colouring candy or a colour bomb with a wrapped candy or fish. The video below was complete as I had found all the bears, but it ended before the last specials were added.
Video below
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