Candy Crush Soda Saga level 407

Hints and tips for level 407 Soda Saga
On the first board make stripes and fish to clear the blockers in front of the bears, a stripe/wrap combo correctly placed will also help clear the blockers and release the bears.
The board moves down so take advantage of that by playing as low as possible to create cascades and release the stripes and fish from the dispensers at the top.
The second board is full of soda so moves upwards, therefore make your moves at the top as close to the frosting as you can, both to clear the blockers and create more cascades and more special candies.
Wrapped candies are best for clearing the blockers if you can get them up against the top.. Try not to switch a wrap with a fish unless it's the only way to get it to the top, as you will only get one explosion and if you can explode it next to the blockers by matching you will get 2.
Remember to check the whole board before every move so you don't miss any chances for good moves.
Video below

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