Candy Crush Soda Saga level 368

Hints and tips for level 368 Soda Saga
You really need luck with the purple caugh drops to clear level 368. The frosting at the bottom is very thick and needs hitting numerous times to clear it.
There are dispensers at the top which will drop stripes and fish, but they will just as often drop licorice which blocks your moves.
Try to work close to the bottom if you can, although level 368 doesn't give you many moves down there. Failing that make combos in the main part of the board. A colour bomb/wrap combo is one of the best, but anything switched with a colour bomb is much better than using it on a single candy.
Look carefully for purple cough drop moves as these are great for clearing a layer from the frosting, and even if you make fish with them it's better than a single fish.
Level 368 is all about combos. Thats the only way you will clear it.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've played this level a thousand times-and can't seem to beat it. I usually press the quit button-knowing I'll never make it. The board is sooo bad-it'll shuffle- cos of no moves!...ugh....